About Online Quran Academy

Learning to recite the Quran is an aspiration of most Muslims all over the globe. Many succeed in this dream, while a few are left behind either due to improper educational sources or inexperienced Quran teachers.
At Online Quran Academy, we offer an immersive digital environment that helps students not just with the right set of Arabic and Quran tutors but also with complete support throughout their learning journey.

We have developed a comprehensive syllabus with modern and traditional learning techniques tailored to different levels of learners. With our specialised approach, you can be sure your child will progress rapidly in their Quran studies. Our experienced male and female Quran tutors use interactive teaching methods to ensure each student receives the best possible guidance. Not only that, but we also provide access to real-time feedback and interactive assessment.


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Online Quran Courses and Curriculum

Online Quran Academy offers flexible and interactive courses in Quran Hifz, Tajweed, Islamic studies, and more for kids and adults of all ages. We understand the potential of each student is different. Thus, we help them with customised lesson plans to achieve their Quran goals faster and in an effective way.

Noorani Qaida (Foundadtion)
Noorani Qaida is an introductory course for beginners that focuses on the basics of Arabic phonetics and reciting Quranic verses with proper pronunciation.

Quran for Beginners
Quran for Beginners is designed to give students a basic understanding and appreciation of the Quran. It focuses on introducing key concepts, familiarising with Quranic content, and teaching the proper pronunciation of Arabic words.

Quran recitation with Tajweed
Live interactive lessons with skilled Quran teachers to help with Quran tafseer while emphasising Tajweed rules like madd, harakat, nasab and more.

Adult Tajweed Refresher course
This course is designed to help adults refresh and improve their knowledge of proper recitation of the Holy Quran with Tajweed.
Quran Hifz (Memorisation)
The experienced Hifz teachers at Online Quran assist adults and kids with Quran memorisation and become Hifz/Hafiza in the best manner.

Arabic & Islamic Studies
We also provide Arabic classes and Islamic studies courses for adults and learn about different aspects of our faith, such as Aqeedah, Seerah, Fiqh, and more.

Our 3 Easy Step To Learn Quran Online

For many Muslims, the dream of learning to recite and understand the Quran is a strong ambition. Fortunately, with Online Quran classes UK, reciting and understanding the Quran can now be achieved easily in just three simple steps:

1. Choose Your Course
Choose from our wide range of course lessons and select the one that best suits your needs. Courses for adults, kids, beginners, and advanced students are available.

2. Schedule a Free Trial Class
Schedule a free trial class with one of our qualified teachers to get an idea of how our classes work and the level of instruction you can expect.

3. Get Started!
Once you have selected a course and teacher, it’s time to start your first lesson! Enjoy interactive lessons with our knowledgeable teachers in the comfort of your own home.

Best Arabic and Quran Course

In a time where we master multiple languages, do you wish to learn the language of the Quran? The language that our Prophets conversed in. A language is so beautiful and pure. A language is so soothing and soulful.

Do you find it challenging to adopt the Arabic language? Are you disappointed with your previous teachers? Are you looking for a credible Arabic Teacher who will make learning Arabic an easy and fun experience for you? This is what we do. We are here to make your Arabic learning experience worthwhile.

Community of Certified Renowned Teachers

Online Quran has gathered a community of highly qualified and renowned online Quran teachers from Egypt and Pakistan to help you learn the Holy Quran easily and effectively. Our teachers are certified and experienced professionals who make learning enjoyable for students of all ages & backgrounds.

Adaptive Curriculum and Positive Success Rate

Our adaptive curriculum and positive success rate make Online Quran Academy a perfect choice for anyone who wants to learn Arabic or the Quran. Our experienced teachers help students to reach their goals through personalized learning plans and regular feedback.


Our Online Quran classes and courses are designed to improve your recitation of the Quran with proper Tajweed rules. Sessions are live and online with qualified teachers experienced in the correct recital of the Quran.
Discount is now available to customers requesting a Pakistani Quran Recitation teacher. Please enquire further for more information.

100% Money Back Guarantee
We are confident you will be satisfied with our courses and tutors. However, in the unlikely event that you feel that the course is not suitable for you, we offer a no-quibble, no-hassle, 100% money-back guarantee if you cancel within seven days of beginning your course!

Get a 10% discount for siblings

REFERRAL DISCOUNT – recommend a family or friend, and you both will get a 10% discount in the second month!

Egyptian Quran Recitation Teachers



30 minutes per class

8 classes per month

Tailored learning plan




30 minutes per class

12 classes per month

Tailored learning plan




30 minutes per class

16 classes per month

Tailored learning plan




30 minutes per class

20 classes per month

Tailored learning plan


100% Money Back Guarantee

Once enrolled we offer a risk free money back guarantee. If you feel our Online Quran classes are not suitable for you after the first week we will refund you, hassle free.

Qualified Tutors

We’re glad to say that all our tutors have Ijaza to teach the Quran with Tajweed and teach the Online Quran classes in the English language.


Learn online or at home at your own pace. You can choose how many Online Quran classes you want per week or per day.

Structured Syllabus

The Online Quran classes syllabus is a structured programme for our Tajweed and our Hifz courses.
If you want more information see our courses page.

Progress Reports

For each and every Online Quran class we provide regular progress reports for each of your enrolled modules.

Certificate of Completion

On completion of a tier, all students receive a certificate of completion for their Online Quran classes.

Key features of the Online Quran classes


Is reading Quran online acceptable?

Yes, reading Quran online is acceptable. Reading Quran online can be done using mobile apps, websites, audio recordings and more. While reading the Quran in a physical, printed version is always beneficial, the digital age has helped people access and learn from the Quran everywhere.

How is online Quran teaching done?

Online Quran teaching is done via video conferencing, where the teacher and student can interact in real-time. The teacher will explain concepts, go through verses and discuss their meanings. The student can ask questions, interact with the online Quran tutor online, practice reciting verses, and receive feedback on their progress.

Will the online classes fit my schedule?

Yes. We have teachers who can help you 24/7. So you can choose a class time that fits your schedule the best.

Why Study with Online Quran?

Online Quran offers an interactive and unique learning experience for those looking to learn the Quran. Our experienced teachers are certified and have in-depth knowledge of the Quran, so you can better understand its teachings. Along with our adaptive curriculum, positive success rate, and discounts, Online Quran is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to learn Arabic or Quran online easily.